Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ways on Hydroponic cultivation.

1. Pour 20 liters water into hydroponic trough (around 1 inch of level water from the top trough)

2. 2. Close the trough with polystyrene.

3. 3. Cut media thread and lump it (see the picture) and put it in each media basket and pull it out to make wick (see the picture). Make sure that hole of media basket close off.

4. 4. Then, immerse the entire media basket with water (see the picture). After that, put all 8 media basket in the polystyrene hole.

5. 5. Sowing 3 seed to each media basket. As duration of plants growing differ from others plant, therefore 1 type of seed to each trough.

6. 6. On day 7, pull off one of the seed that had grown and leave 2 plants only for each trough.

7. 7. On day 4, pour water into a container about 20 measurement cups

8. 8. Take off all the fertilizer and liquid fertilizer, and then put it inside a container.

9. 9. Stir all fertilizer with water

10. 10. Put the 2 cups of liquid fertilizer to each hydroponic trough

11. 11. Stir fertilizer mixture water inside the hydroponic trough

12. 12. Close the balance of fertilizer mixture and keep it in a close place for next usage

- * Hydroponic fertilizer can be use for 10 times crop, enough for 10 trough of hydroponic.

Wish you luck. If you have any difficulty, please don’t be hesitating to ask us..